Every day we hear about breaches in security at one place or another, some of them are really big names. And I'm sure we have all heard the security experts suggestions of using different passwords for each of the online accounts we have. Do you? If not, when you hear about all those breaches you should be worried. If they have your, let's say, Yahoo account password and you used the same password on another account; maybe there is more than one breach you have experienced.

But, is it really possible to have a different, hard to guess password for all your accounts? I have over 300 different online accounts. How would I ever remember all of them?

Now I don't have to remember them. I use Account Tracker(Password Keeper) for all my accounts. It remembers the passwords for me. Not only that, it will generate a password for me, if I choose, and those passwords will be nearly impossible to guess. Now, if one of those sites releases my password I know it can't be used to break into my account's at other sites.

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Protect your identity with Stong passwords and never worry about forgetting them.

No 3rd party involvment. So no chance of someone else slipping up and releasing your info

With Account Tracker save your passwords in one location. Use one password to get access to them all. Not only save passwords, but so have access to all those anoying, yet necessary, security pictures and questions that identify that it is really you when you visit a website.

What is Account Tracker

Account Tracker is a password keeper with the guiding idea of keeping the user's data as safe as possible from prying eyes. Account Tracker does not use the internet to save your passwords out there in some big empty cloud just waiting for a hacker to penetrate the mists and spirit away your secrets.

Account Tracker is a personal Database. Your information stays with you. It is password protected and self encrypted. It runs under Microsoft's Office (2007 or 2010).

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What can Account Tracker do for you...

  • Safely remember all your passwords for you.
  • Generates unguessable passwords for you.
  • Helps you keep track of account specifics (i.e Phone numbers, special instructions, customer ID...).
  • Save Security identification images for each account.
  • Remembers the answer/response to your Secret Questions for each account.
  • Never miss-type a password again. Use paste function ('control' + v) with site logins.
  • make mobile copies of password DB to take with you.
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